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What clients say

A partial list of clients I’ve worked with:


As a coach and consultant Cathy brings a rare mix of insight, energy and professionalism to her work. She has a wealth of experience from many years of consulting at senior levels and a great ability to thoughtfully design and deliver leadership development programmes. She can take big ideas and make them applicable to executive work in a way that makes a real difference.

— Rob Goffee, Professor of Organisational Behaviour &
Former Faculty Director of Executive Education,
London Business School

Cathy is one of the finest individuals I have had the pleasure of working with. She is a first-class consultant, always focused on providing value to her clients and able to always stay one step head. She is a very creative designer, an engaging relationship manager and a thoroughly professional and thoughtful practitioner. She led the coaching and management development practice with aplomb, developing sought-after thought-leadership and content. She was also one of those individuals that always made things go better, made the people around her feel better and worked tirelessly to ensure the solutions worked.

— Stephen Parker, Chief Learning Officer &
Global Head of Talent Management, A.T. Kearney

Cathy is an exceptional colleague and friend. Over 7 years, we partnered on a variety of work projects that required the creative and development and delivery of solutions that would never have succeeded except for the consulting and interpersonal capabilities that Cathy brought. Among her many unique skills, Cathy has a powerful ability to deliver tough but true feedback in a way that builds the relationship. She is also beloved by clients at all levels of an organization: from those on the manufacturing floor all the way up to the most senior levels.

— Dean Patterson, Principal
Patterson Performance Strategies, LLC

Prior to working with Cathy, I was feeling 'stuck' and aimless in my career. From our discussions, she helped me realize that I have the potential to make my work life more fulfilling right now. Plus, the encouragement she gave me throughout our talks over the 'little' accomplishments made me realize that I should be acknowledging these little wins because they do add up to big changes over time. Her enthusiasm over these accomplishments have given me a new sense of confidence because previously I would just dismiss these small wins as inconsequential. Overall, I am in a much more satisfied place with my career, even though there was no new job or role change.

— Technology product manager
global internet company