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Prior to working with Cathy, I was feeling ‘stuck’ and aimless in my career. From our discussions, she helped me realize that I have the potential to make my work life more fulfilling right now.

Technology product manager,
global internet company

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Cathy Earley

Cathy Earley

You – You’re on the precipice of a new endeavor or a big change and want a sounding board and advocate to help you take that leap.

Me - I’m an insightful, high energy, action-driven coach, consultant and facilitator. I love helping individuals access their unique talents and helping organizations grow their unique culture to get to greater success and meaning. I have a successful track record of helping individuals and organizations get results by being a partner who’s straightforward, fun, intuitive and responsive.

Whether you’re focusing on your organization, your leadership, your career or simply your life, I’m here to help you get going…whether that’s slowing down – or speeding up. We’ll figure that out together. You already have what you need to make your vision a reality.

I’ll collaborate with you to find the best approach – with a bias toward keeping it simple in today’s complex world.

A little more about me…

For the last 20+ years, I’ve worked with regional, national and global clients in the areas of leadership, coaching, engagement and culture. I’ve led the Leadership and Coaching Practices at 2 boutique consulting and training organizations and directed numerous global project teams for client implementations. My broader professional experience includes stints in higher education, non-profit association management and start-up so I bring of broad perspective to my work.

On a personal front, I’m a recovering perfectionist...which means I’m figuring out that enjoying the turns and unpredictability of life bring more fullness and fun. I moved to San Francisco in 1998, seeking to better balance my work with my life. I’m still here.

My inspirations include:

  • My 9-year old nephew Joseph inspires me every day. His thirst to learn and explore is never-ending. His abounding passion and strong influencing skills persuaded Aunt Cathy to help him create his own website about the career he envisions for himself. He reminds me to dream big.
  • My former boss and mentor Jonathan Brant whose amazing instincts for leading with fairness, kindness and humor gave me a wonderful example to follow along with so many great days at work.
  • My daily yoga practice which reminds me to breathe and be present.
  • My grandparents, Italian immigrants, who taught me that the results that matter most are your relationships…and a thriving garden!