Insightful, high energy, action-driven coach, consultant and facilitator

Your ally to help you get to where you want to go
Helping you transform your “big ideas” into tangible, easily repeatable practices
A passion for helping leaders magnify the positive impact they have on others

A passion for helping leaders recognize the significant impact they have on others

What clients say

“As a coach and consultant Cathy brings a rare mix of insight, energy and professionalism to her work. She has a wealth of experience from many years of consulting at senior levels and a great ability to thoughtfully design and deliver leadership development programmes. She can take big ideas and make them applicable to executive work in a way that makes a real difference.”

Rob Goffee, Professor of Organisational Behaviour & Former Faculty Director of Executive Education,
London Business School
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Cathy Earley
Cathy Earley

Whether you’re focusing on your organization, your leadership, your career or simply your life, I’m here to help you get going…whether that’s slowing down – or speeding up. We’ll figure that out together. You already have what you need to make your vision a reality. Learn more >

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